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Hi, I'm Bill Watson and I write. I've written three books and have had work published in Small Business Opportunities, Sports Afield, Songwriter's Monthly, Gig and other national print publications. 

I also write for various sites online. I've posted links to samples of my work below.


                                           I can write street, I can write white collar pro, I can inject personality while I ramble or keep it concise and to the point.


 I'm willing to tackle about anything.

  • If you need to write a business letter, a personal letter or a note and aren't that good with words I'll take a shot at it.
  • If you need some some editing and polishing from someone not so close to your project, I'm your guy. 
  •  If you need content for your blog, website, dating site profile, Facebook page or whatever, I can do it.
  •  If you need an online presence for your biz I can create a website for you. I won't even hold you hostage with your own passwords; upon completion I'll gladly hand over the keys to the car, so to speak.
  • Yes, I'll ghost write your article, your Squidoo Lens or your book unless I don't find the concept compelling enough. Tell you what, pitch it to me and if I pass, please understand it's only because I'm not the right person to do it justice.
  •  High quality hardback or paperback picture books with or without text make great birthday and Christmas gifts. The picture books I design get amazing reviews.
  •  I'm also a musician/producer with a full blown recording studio and access to the best musicians on the planet. I can add music to your project, help with polishing up your song, anything musical, that's my bag just as much as writing is.
  •  You've been tapped to give a speech, a talk, a presentation and you're terrified? I can't eliminate every butterfly but I can put words together you'll feel confident in speaking!
  •  I write advertising copy that rounds up customers like a bad dog. Hire me to write your flyer, radio commercial or brochure and your product will be more popular than a capo at a bluegrass festival.
  • If it's a service biz you need ad copy for, hang on, it's gonna be a  WILD RIDE!


                                        Sorry, I DON'T DO HOMEWORK, LOL!

Samples of My Work

Click here to read a travel piece


Click here to read a technical piece that sells products by avoiding jargon and clearly communicating complex  ideas in terms a potential customer understands. 


Click here to check out my book Guitar Shop


statistics and research article using stats to support a position and frame an argument 


 I charge toward the lower end of my rate scale for simple personal projects and toward the upper end for complex business projects. Before starting we'll agree on a set price as well as an hourly rate. 1/2 of the set fee, is paid upfront. If you need revisions those will be charged by the hour. If you throw something extra at me in the middle of the project, it will be charged by the hour.


The more information you can give me during the quote phase, the better. Why do you need this? Who is it aimed at? What do you hope to accomplish with it? When must it be completed by? If you have a rough draft, great. If you have only an idea of what you want, then the more specific the better.


Guarantee: If necessary, I will revise the work one time for free.


Keep in mind that almost one third of the fee goes toward expenses and, due to the non-revenue producing aspects of operating a business, I can't bill out 40 or 50 hours every week, usually more like 25 or 30. All said and done I'm a working stiff like you.

Hope you've enjoyed this and I'm looking forward to working with you soon!



Please be kind enough to hit the play button and I'll sing ya'll on out of here. All right? Bye bye!


I LOVE writing about

  • American History
    American History
  • Civil War Battles
    Civil War Battles
  • Music!
  • Music Studio Work
    Music Studio Work
  • Music Instruction
    Music Instruction
  • My book on N Scale Model Railroading
    My book on N Scale Model Railroading
American History
American History

I might even give a discount if the subject matter of your project involves one of my favorites:


  • American history


  • Bicycling


  • Boating


  • Fishing


  • Tennis


  • Politics


  • Kayaking


  • Model railroading


  • Chess


  • The Civil War


  • World War II


  • Outdoors


  • Biography


  • Home Improvement


  • Humor


  • Psychology